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Short version

I'm the maker of a site to find shared houses to live for geeks and a bot to sign rental lease on Airbnb. I travel to work from anywhere, bootstrap side projects and only own what fits in my backpack. I also invest in coliving. Before that startups, I was a developer. Follow me on Twitter or read my blog.

Long version

Well hello there! My name is Stephane Bounmy and I'm the founder of HackerHouse. Before now, I worked as a Software Engineer in different startups for 4 years : San Francisco and Paris.
I run a monthly live and love teaching and helping people to launch their coliving project ! In my spare time, I love sports, grow my own food with permaculture, invest in coliving and hanging out with friends. A year ago, I learned the truth about meat and protein so I turned vegetarian sometimes vegan. We also like to cycle with our moustache e-bikes, and don't own a car anymore if you want to live with us check it out! I also have a Patreon if you'd like to chat with me regularly (our Discord group is so active I can hardly keep up, come join in the fun!), get feedbacks, join my monthly live with us, or get a few deals from me on occasion. No pressure to join in, and I appreciate your support a ton no matter what!
In terms of where I am on the internet (and off), you might have seen me in the press a few years back, or more recently you might have seen living the nomad lifestyle between Paris, Bordeaux and the rest of the world! I also made a successful SaaS Lewisbnb! to get people interested in renting monthly to locals on Airbnb. I've spoken at over a dozens of events. I'll (likely) happily speak at your event or podcast, or do influencer work for your org. Β If you'd like to talk to me about your event, feel free to email julie my favorite assistant with details!
Alright, since you've read this far, can I tell you a vegan joke ?
I promise it won't be cheesy.

Audio version πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

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