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As bubble documentation is a bit messy and forum as well, I decided to write down all undocumented bubble tips.

UPDATE 11 Feb 2020 : FullCalendar custom integration

List Item Expression field id

As I am using fullcalendar I need to send an json array that has title, id such as :

{ "title": "Private Bedroom", "id":"1556989162181x281419586915018880"}, { "title": "Private Double Bedroom", "id":"1556989192284x518142895975963500"}

Using bubble and list item expression from javascript toolbox :

field(β€œ_id”) is the trick

Bubble & FullCalendar Ressource Timeline

Seanhoots did a good job wrapping FullCalendar to a bubble plugin, however it was un-finished and buggy so I couldn’t used it properly (see this thread).

Bubble plugin messed up the dates in ResourceTimeline view + cannot customize the title and description

I decided to tackle this on my week-end and it took me 2 days to have a full working version here :


Editor is here

PS : if the results are slow you can use a repeating group

Go to page with parameter id

id is a protected keyword and won’t appear in url. You can use booking = current cell’s Booking’s unique id


Who am I ?

I founded HackerHouse which is 100% built on bubble. With my team we love building useful product and we try to give back the no-code community what we’ve learned. For support questions or custom requests you can hire us on malt.

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