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UPDATE : it is more related to VIGIK V2 Reader that might detect chinese UID writable tag (backdoor)…

Urmet reader and urmet badge

After 5 hours trying to copy vigik urmet here are my findings on my building reader :

  • use keys.txt to quickly dump the urmet badge
  • UID block 0 does not matter, you don’t need a perfect clone
  • SAK difference does not matter 08 =Mifare NXP or 88 = Mifare Infineon

The most important is :

Vigik V2 detects backdoor tags so you will need to buy similar tag URMET VIGIK MEMOPROX OR use chinese without backdoor
Vigik V2 reader

Here are the steps assuming you are already familiar with Vigik cloning.

1. Dump Urmet badge (original)

First we need to find the correct keys so you can dump and there are 2 WAYS :

send a file containing many keys using -f

wget keys.txtmfoc -f keys.txt -P 500 -O urmet.dmp


send the correct key -k for my badge (and I believe many vigik badges) it is 8829DA9DAF76

mfoc -k 8829DA9DAF76 -P 500 -O urmet.dmp

2. Dump the copy (blank card)

mfoc -P 500 -O clone.dmp

Don’t forget that if you have a high frequency urmet (13.56mhz) it will only work on a high frequency mifare tag.

3. Clone the urmet

Place the tag to copy on the reader

IF you have a clone with UID block 0 writable

#perfect clone
nfc-mfclassic W a urmet.dmp clone.dmp


#inperfect clone but worked for me
# do not change UID, only write few blocks and force !nfc-mfclassic w a urmet.dmp clone.dmp f

Notice the W (write the UID and data) and w (write only the data)

4. AND NOW TRY ! :)

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